October 12, 2010

15 Oct

My income at the moment is very sad. I’m happy that I found something that I like, but I just wish that I could not be in poverty. I’m sure something grander will come along, but for now, it is pretty rough. Boyfriend is so great about paying for things, because he knows that I simply don’t have the funds. It is a huge crush to my pride. BUT. What I can do is bring home delicious treats from work. One of the best things about working at Think Coffee is that I can eat as much as I want. They don’t mind at all. (Probably because they know we are all impoverished.) So, to save money, I try to take advantage of this situation so that I spend less money on food. I have taken to bringing home a pastry of some sort every night for me and the boyfriend to share. This was a pretty, little coffee cake which was quite delicious.


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