March 19, 2011

2 May

It was been a while. But like I said, I’m not giving up. The last six weeks were truly spotty for my project, but I’m getting it all back on track. The project, my life, my goals.

This was actually the day of the break-up. Not a good one in my life. But on the bright side, this was also the first day that I hung out with my friend Brehnan in New York. He contacted me at an awkward moment, but he didn’t shy away. He insisted that I not sit home and wallow, that I go out and pick myself up. No easy feat at that moment. So, with red, swollen eyes, no makeup, and a dazed attitude, I trudged with him to a local bar. I hadn’t eaten at all that day, so he made me eat a veggie burger, and we drank a LOT of beer. This thing was called a tower. We didn’t drink it all, but we made some friends who helped us out. It was incredible to have my mind on something else for a couple of hours. I even laughed and, dare I say it, enjoyed myself. Brehnan has proved an amazing friend in not letting me mope or get myself down. I needed to go out that night, because there was hell awaiting me when I returned to the empty apartment.


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