March 26, 2011

2 May

During this time of difficulty, my lovely lady relatives came to town. My mother and my sister came to force feed me, brush my hair as I talked on and on about the disappointment, and force me out of that depressing apartment. On this day, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While it was wonderful to have them in town, I definitely needed some serious alone time. At the museum, I made my way away from them and towards the modern art section. I enjoy modern art. Not the what-the-fuck-is-that-modern-art, but the modern art that isn’t just a painting of Madonna with child. I consider myself an artist of the word, especially when it comes to crafting poetry. But there is something to visual art that I respect so much. This piece took my breath away. There were pages of my journal dedicated to how I feel. I spent hours on the phone with friends trying to put words to what I was experiencing. But this picture. Me looking into this modern art mirror. This is it. This is exactly how I felt. Beyond words. Beyond a logical explanation. This was me at that moment. Even beyond the break-up, which I often feel is just another event in a long line of difficult challenges that have been thrown at me over the last year. My life, Chrissy in 2011 is this photograph.


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