April 10, 2011

9 May

A major to-do on my list was to visit Citi-field. For a baseball fan, my stadium list is rather sad. SafeCo Field, AT&T Park,  Oakland Coliseum, and Fenway. In returning to the West Coast, I would be losing the opportunity to see so many East Coast parks. I had to at least see Citi Field. My friend Brehnen came along, and I spent most of the time explaining the finer details of the game (including history/trivia), which I actually love doing. We also drank plenty of beer, ate sausages and enjoyed the rare creature, the day game. Citi Field reminded me so much of SafeCo. It was new and had a lot of kitschy food stands. It made me miss Seattle, and my dear Mariners. However, looking out over the field, Brehnen casually said before taking a bite of his sausage, “Man, you should just stay. It could be fun.” For the first time, I thought maybe it could.


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