April 9, 2011

9 May

I went out for drinks with my friend Kayla. She wanted to go to one of the places that I had on my New York City Musts List. I suggested White Horse Tavern which is most famous for the spot where Dylan Thomas was drinking right before he went home and died. Kayla is an amazing person to vent to. I hadn’t seen her in weeks, and I just unloaded everything on her. She was the first of my New York friends who I felt truly comfortable opening up to. It was much needed therapy, and she seemed very excited to be my therapist. The trains were running slow, so when we got to Union Square, we decided to walk the rest of the way and enjoy the cool weather. Once we approached the bar, my heart sunk, and I stopped mid-stride.

“I’ve already been here!” I exclaimed. Turns out I had gone there with a bunch of finance people who failed to mention that this was the haunt of not only Dylan Thomas, but Bob Dylan, Ezra Pound, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Hunter S. Thompson! The experience was a bit cheapened by the fact that I’d been there with people with no respect for literary legends!!! (See December 17, for any that are curious) I was also disappointed in myself that I didn’t notice all the Dylan Thomas things on the walls!

I hope all those exclamation points establish the shock I felt as I sat drinking in that bar. It was a fun night with Kayla nonetheless.


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