May 5, 2011

26 May

Our little darlings are growing up so fast! At this point, we have an exam room just for them that we put them in during the day so that they can play. I used to take little breaks in there, but it is almost too wild.

One time I stepped into the room to text my co-worker about our paychecks and when I looked down there were three kittens attached to my jeans meowing up at me. It was cute, but it was odd having to rip them off of me.

Pictured is Oona (my favorite) who I brought up to the front desk to play, but she was very very tired from her long day of frolicking in exam room 6. This was her preferred sleeping position, which I found oddly endearing. As I write this (on May 24), she has been adopted out to a nice young couple. They picked her up today and kept saying how much they were in love with her. I am very happy for my little Oona, but goodbyes are never easy. I’ll miss her dearly. She was so darn sassy. But, as one of the doctors said recently to me, “They’re looking less like cutesy kittens and more like responsibility.” Too true. I’ll have a kitten one day, but right now, my life is too all over the place.

Also, happy belated Cinco de Mayo! I came home and found my roommate, Shannon, with a bottle of tequila and limes. We took shots and had some roommate bonding. I really like my roommates, and I am thankful every day for that.


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