May 21, 2011

7 Jun

In my last post, I mentioned that I didn’t feel super close to my female friends. Kayla is an exception. I met her at the crazy dentist’s office. On her last day, the dentist was being his typical asshole self, and I told her that she was so lucky to be leaving, and I owed her a drink. Since then, we meet up about once a week for drinks and some good venting sessions. She is one of those amazingly rare people you meet who genuinely care about how you are doing. She rarely talks about herself, except when I prod her to tell me how things are going for her. I’ve met a number of selfless people like her, and I always have aspired to be more like them.

We were going to meet up for our weekly drinks at Beauty Bar when she suggested we try The Whiskey Ward instead. I was game of course! As the night wore on, she revealed to me that she had actually never had a whiskey drink. I was astounded! We were sitting at the bar, and a gentleman sitting to my left had been not so nonchalantly eavesdropping. He offered to buy us both Manhattans, to introduce Kayla to the wonderful world of whiskey. I asked him to take our picture, and he talked to us most of the night. He was a nice guy, but I just wasn’t interested. He bought be something called a Bo-Rye which is a shot of Bourbon and Rye mixed together. It was delicious, but I was feeling drunk. So Kayla and I left. The gentleman got my number and proceeded to text me the whole night and throughout the weekend. I really wasn’t interested, but he was so charming and persistent. Finally he asked me for a date, and I agreed. He sounded so excited. Since then, nothing. I’m not disappointed or upset, just annoyed. What a waste of time! He spent all that energy trying to get me to go on a date, and when I agree he chickens out? Sometimes boys baffle me.

I felt down about it for a minute and texted Kayla about it.
“Don’t forget, you didn’t like him anyways! F him.” she texted back. I instantly felt better and laughed.

But this post isn’t about boys, it’s about how awesome Kayla is. Once I got home that night, I got a text from her that I still have saved on my phone that says, “Drunk from first whsukey! Wooo!” I really enjoy her.


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