May 22, 2011

8 Jun

I’m a food blogger! I suppose I mentioned it before, but I am writing restaurant reviews for a food blog. My friends Brehnen and Christy accompanied me to my first restaurant in Astoria. A little Greek place called Oceano. I will publish the link to the review once it is up on the internet. Of course my silly camera died when we got there, so I asked Brehnen to take pictures with his smart phone. It was frankly adorable how seriously he took the task. He jumped up and ran around the place taking pictures of literally everything to the point that the owner’s came over and asked what the hell was going on.

I asked him to take pictures of the dishes as well, and I was not pleased to have my photo taken, but I actually like this picture of myself, which does not happen often. Also, I recently started learning photoshop, and my skills are very rudimentary, but I adjusted the color scheme on this photo using Curves, and I am very proud of myself. Go Me!


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