May 28, 2011

11 Jun

After a long day of sleeping in, reading in coffee shops and playing Where’s Waldo on sister Kate’s iphone, we met up with her friend Abby at a bar I believe is called The Good Life. They were having a “Middle School Dance Party” themed night in the basement.

I found it absolutely hilarious that it started out so similar to a middle school dance party. We were there relatively early, a bit before ten, and everyone was standing in their group of friends, sipping their drinks, lightly swaying their hips, staring longingly at the dance floor wanting to know who would be the first to venture out and just do it. Finally those old pop songs from the 90’s overtook our souls and everyone went crazy. I was particularly taken with the man pictured above. I still can’t decide whether I like the fanny pack or the headband more.

We danced like crazy. Abby was surprised how many songs Kate and I knew by heart. But I truly believe that if you don’t have at least one Salt N Peppa song in your repertoire, you are not truly alive.


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