May 29, 2011

11 Jun

Another gorgeous day in Boston. We got brunch at a deli called Zaftigs. We started with the sampler platter which had an assortment of Jewish dishes and pastries. Fantastic! I love eating a huge breakfast. In fact, I just love breakfast. I think I love it so much, because I am not a morning person at all. I almost never have time for breakfast, because I’d rather sleep in. But when I do have time for it, I splurge and savor.

We spent the rest of the day engaging in a feminist debate on facebook and hanging out at “The Pond” by her house.

I love my sister. She is fantastic. I keep meaning to tell her this, but I somehow always forget. I am so proud of her being a librarian. When people ask about siblings, I always beam with pride when I say, “My sister is a librarian.” I couldn’t be prouder if she was a doctor, a lawyer, or the president of the United States. I think she is amazing, just the way she is.


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